“Great researchers — terrible sales people. Every time I call them for a project that really won’t help our business interests they end up talking me out of doing it. They don’t believe in wasting our money and always seem to direct us to research that will really help our bottom line.”

About the Company

MarketLab is a full service market research firm that spans a wide range of industries.
We design every study to provide tangible results and actionable insights.

We pride ourselves on being completely scalable — large enough to complete strategic multi-phased international projects, yet nimble enough to turn around tactical projects to meet tight deadlines.

Founded in 1997, MarketLab has steadily expanded our reach by providing informed counsel for our clients. Our clients span the country and the globe; we have grown primarily through referrals and repeat business. We’re adept at working with big brands like Clorox Co, Unilever, Fisher-Price and Del Monte Foods as well as with smaller niche brands like Challenge Dairy, Cabot Creamery and Bauer Sporting Equipment. We’ve helped the Gap measure the success of their loyalty programs, Serta/Simmons determine the impact of their advertising strategy and SanDisk monitor their brand health among both consumers and IT professionals.

While we love complex rebranding and multifaceted consumer segmentation projects, we’re equally skilled at executing more routine assignments such as concept and packaging testing, product taste testing and message testing. We help clients with tactical assignments like tabulating and / or coding data, or analyzing existing data. We understand that while the project may be small, it is critical to our clients’ success.

Partnering with our clients to provide actionable data in a cost-effective manner

Our clients keep coming back and refer their colleagues to MarketLab for two big reasons: 1) we make every effort to contain costs, and 2) we customize scalable solutions that leverage the existing infrastructure wherever possible in order to stretch marketing research dollars.

Helping turn shoppers into buyers

MarketLab’s approach to both qualitative and quantitative market research is to improve the competitive edge and minimize risk, to help our clients learn about the buying habits and practices of their audiences.

Business specialists across a wide range of industries

MarketLab spans a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, travel, financial services, technology, pet care, personal care and media. We don’t work in a vacuum; rather, MarketLab’s research professionals are deeply grounded in the business environment. We design every research study from planning through implementation, to not just provide results, but to deliver actionable data that will help our clients make the most informed business decisions possible. We meet a number of needs, helping our clients:

  • Understand consumer patterns
  • Identify open category opportunities (e.g. “White Space”)
  • Determine optimal strategic direction
  • Identify the products and services that will maximize sales and determine the best way to position them
  • Discover the best “Go To Market” strategies, including determine optional positioning, packaging, messaging and pricing
  • Understand brand health (awareness and equity)
  • Track advertising and awareness
  • Measure customer satisfaction


We staff every project with highly trained, seasoned professionals — not junior staff members. Your project will be managed by MarketLab employees — not a team of random contractors with a market research line item on their resumes. You won’t be sold a project by a high-level account executive, and then passed off to a junior associate once you have signed on the dotted line. We invest in our employees; they understand our mission, work ethic and client-first focus.

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