“The difference between good and great is something you have to experience. I am happy to recommend good to anybody that asks. Great on the other hand is something I am more reluctant to share. I’m not sure that I want just anyone to know about my secret weapon… MarketLab.”


We’re staffed to provide full-service market research, from initial study design through final report. But we’re also flexible enough to step in and manage individual phases of larger projects. The manner in which you engage with MarketLab is entirely up to you.

Needs Assesment

We begin by assessing client needs and reviewing existing materials. Once we understand the market research goals, we design a research protocol that will elicit the kinds of information our clients are seeking.


We believe that one size does NOT fit all. MarketLab experts design every project from scratch, based on our clients’ unique business issues. We don’t use predesigned formulas; rather, we believe that every project is unique.

Questionnaire Development

 How you ask questions is almost as important as the questions you ask. MarketLab painstakingly crafts respondent-friendly, engaging surveys that provide strategic, actionable, unbiased data. From survey flow to questioning sequence to grammar, we know that every written word matters and impacts your findings.

Survey Programming and Hosting

We know it seems simple, but survey programming and well-organized data collection are key to a successful survey. You could write the finest questionnaire known to man, but if the functionality of the actual survey instrument isn’t optimized or doesn’t reflect the design, it’s meaningless. Our team of seasoned market research programmers specializes in programming and surveys, with a deep understanding of the way in which marketers use data. From basic things like skip patterns and randomization to the more complex functions of balancing cell and brand assignments, our in-house staff of programmers knows how to move beyond paper, developing surveys that translate to the real world of business.

Data Collection and Field Management

Strategic, thoughtful field management is the difference between interviewing 500 random people and interviewing 500 of the right people, at the right time, for the right cost. We take this as seriously as we do survey design. Our field managers work with market research vendors across the globe to ensure that our clients get the highest quality respondents, on time and within budget.

Data Tabulation and Coding.

This may sound nerdy, but we are extremely proud of our data tabulations. Our experienced data processors create comprehensive decks of data tabulations that are easy to follow and make chart population a breeze. We also have an extensive network of coders, which enables us to match the best coder to a given type of project.

Data Analysis and Recommendations

Even the best study can fail if the analysis is nonstrategic, incomplete or incorrect. MarketLab’s analysis consists of a customized report with a high-level executive summary, an accessible presentation of data, a strategic explanation of results and actionable, data-driven recommendations.

For a listing of common study designs we execute, please click here.

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